What is javascript? A basic introduction to JS for beginners
JavaScript is a lightweight programming language commonly used by web developers to add dynamic interactions to web pages, applications, servers and even games.

It works seamlessly with HTML and CSS, complementing CSS in formatting HTML elements while providing user interaction, a feature CSS lacks on its own.

The wide application of JavaScript in web, mobile app and game development makes it a valuable language to learn

What is javascript?
JavaScript is a programming language for creating dynamic web page content. It creates elements to improve site visitors’ interaction with

web pages, such as drop-down menus, animated graphics, and dynamic background colors

What is the use of JavaScript?
Early versions of the scripting language were for internal use only. JavaScript, which was submitted by Netscape to ECMA International as a

standard for web browsers, pioneered the ECMAScript version

It is a common programming language for ensuring the interoperability of web pages across different browsers and devices.

Since then, JavaScript has continued to evolve along with the development of new browsers such as Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. The

latter even began developing the first modern JavaScript engine, V8, which compiles bytecode into native machine code

Currently, JavaScript contains many frameworks and libraries for building complex projects such as AngularJS, jQuery, and ReactJS.

Originally running on the client side, JavaScript implementation branched out to the server side after the development of Node.js – a cross-platform server environment built on the Google Chrome JavaScript V8 engine.

While JavaScript programming tools mostly provide web-based applications, they also have other applications in different contexts. Here are

some basic uses of JavaScript

1. Web and mobile applications
A JavaScript development framework, consisting of a JavaScript code library, allows developers to use pre-written JavaScript code in their projects. This saves them the time and effort of having to program programming features from scratch.

Every JavaScript framework has features designed to simplify the development and debugging process.

For example, front-end JavaScript frameworks like jQuery and ReactJS improve design efficiency. They allow developers to reuse and update

code components without affecting the performance or value of one another

Meanwhile, mobile app development frameworks like Cordova and Titanium allow the creation of native or hybrid apps.

Implementing JavaScript code in Node.js also plays an important role in web development. Because of its single-threaded and non-blocking architecture, Node.js can reduce server response time and eliminate delays.

Node.js is also light enough to serve as a scalable tool for microservices, allowing you to develop an application consisting of microservices

with separate operations

. Building web servers and server applications
With Node.js, JavaScript allows developers to build web servers and back-end infrastructure, saving you time and effort building web


What is javascript? and why is important

What is javascript? and why is importantThe built-in HTTP module allows you to create a basic HTTP server that displays plain text when a user accesses a web page. You can use your own Node.js web server, Node-OS, or third party servers such as Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) and Apache to handle HTTP requests.

Keep in mind that Node-OS works best on Linux operating systems because it is built on top of the Linux kernel

Interactive behavior on websites
One of the main functions of JavaScript is to add dynamism to web pages. This includes rendering animations, setting text visibility, and creating dropdown lists.

While you can only use HTML and CSS codes to create a website, it only has one fixed width. By using JavaScript, users can interact with web pages and have a better browsing experience.

Additionally, JavaScript allows you to change HTML content and attribute values ​​without reloading the web page. Because JavaScript  supports the following data types

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