PHP is a developed programming language: One of the programming languages ​​that has many fans is the PHP programming language. A developed language used to design dynamic websites

This is an object oriented programming language. The PHP programming language is so popular among computer users that it can be said that about three quarters of reputable and well-known sites such as Yahoo and Facebook have used it

PHP programming language was first introduced to the programming world by Rasmus Lerdorff in 1995 when he wrote a number of scripts in C language to manage his home page and is currently being developed by the PHP group

The following are the features of PHP:

The programming and scripting language is free.
Object-oriented programming
Open source or open source
Very widely used on the web

PHP programming language will be used in what cases

PHP can be called as a simple programming language that will be used in many cases with many features, including:

Solving complex mathematical problems
Show current time and date
PHP receives and sends cookies

It will give you a report of website visitors information

Define PHP and HTML

PHP programming language is a server-side programming language, in the sense that all instructions of this programming language are executed on the server side and stored on the server. And this is the difference between JavaScript and PHP

Because in JavaScript that will be executed on the user’s side. Unlike PHP, it stores its information on the user’s browser

After the information is executed and saved on the server side, it will be displayed in the form of Html codes on the user’s browser. PHP commands can be placed inside Html codes, and this is possible because of the Html embedded feature of this programming language

The difference between PHP and databases

Databases are very important. PHP is a language that supports a wide range of databases in order to store its information. Some of them

will be


The difference between PHP and Frem work

The difference between PHP and Frem workThe popularity of PHP has led to the creation of many frameworks, the most popular of which are:


The importance of using the PHP programming language

Like all programming languages, this language also has advantages for choosing programmers, which include the following:

Its significant advantage is that it is free.
It is object oriented and fast.
It is supported by many databases.
Applicable on all operating systems

And it can be said that it can be used on almost all servers

Weaknesses of the PHP programming language

In addition to the great and important features of this programming language, it also has two disadvantages, such as

You cannot use PHP for very large programs.
Predefined security solutions will not be provided to the programmer

PHP programming language is a very powerful language in the field of dynamic website design. which has competitors such as Perl, JSP, ColdFusion and ASP.NET, but its many features and capabilities, some of which have been mentioned above, have made it popular and    (مجتمع فنی تهران) widely used.