What is AMP: AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages, which is actually a free and open source project from Google along with SEO,

which was officially introduced by the company about two years ago in February 2016

What are amps? Why did Google start the Amp Project?

Due to the increasing number of virtual space users via mobile devices, the number of users opening web pages or searching on search engines such as Google via mobile is increasing day by day

In line with this importance, fast page loading along with easy use of mobile web pages or what is called mobile friendly has become an important factor in optimizing the site for Google search engine

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Google has chosen this method for mobile users and will provide webmasters and web designers with practical instructions in the form of AMP projects, which will significantly increase the speed of loading web pages

By streamlining web pages and reducing the number of requests sent to servers, Amp improves how quickly those pages load on mobile phones.

This project will be highly supported by WordPress, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn since its introduction

What are amps? And the benefits of using AMP in web design
Google will speed up the loading of these pages by creating a special cache (Google AMP Cache) for the pages programmed using AMP

Google will display AMP pages in search results in a different and more attractive way on mobile, which will increase clickability

What is an amp? and its development areas

The AMP project will be constantly improved with development in the following three areas:

AMP Cache